7February 2017

Finding Balance in the Political Storm

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We are all attached to the political storm to some extent, but our levels of attachment vary. Think of it as a continuum. At the far end of the continuum there are the people who

29January 2017

Our Psychological Well-Being versus the Political Storm

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It has been one week since the inauguration of Donald Trump. Millions of people around the United States were thrilled that rainy Friday morning. Their mood was elated. Riding high. Being pumped. Positive things were

17January 2017

Sorry, Life Isn’t About What You “Want” To Do

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The other day, I had a headache like I hadn’t had in years. It wasn’t a migraine, but it was big. It had been steadily growing most of the day, and by 3 o’clock, it

9January 2017

The Case Against People Triangles

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When two people are having a conflict, and one person brings a third party into it as a way of either trying to resolve the problem or easing the tension, a "people triangle" is created.

19December 2016

How Do We Get Out of a Power Struggle?

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It’s interesting how we believe the winner of a power struggle is the one who does not lose the struggle. Because our true power doesn’t lie in winning or losing, our true power lies in

13December 2016

I Can’t Avoid Conflict Forever—So How Do I Deal With It?

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Some of us are still in turmoil over the election, withdrawing from social media and any kind of political conversation. I get it—it’s been exhausting. But we can’t hide forever. Over the next four years,