1October 2016

No, You’re Wrong!

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In relationships, power struggles breed more power struggles. They become our way of dealing with disagreements, simple misunderstandings, and major conflicts. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, power struggles are our way of

21August 2016

Myth #2: The Myth That If You Listen To Experts, You’ll Be Happier

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The other day I was talking to an anxious person who said he had just learned a breathing technique that really calmed him down. He said he learned how to pull his stomach in and

17August 2016

Myth #1 The Myth That Knowing “Why” Helps

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Knowledge is power! And we often think that if we know why something happens or why someone is doing what they’re doing, then we have a handle on what’s going on and we can know

17July 2016

First Step…

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When you’re unhappy, it is important to first know that you’re unhappy. Not just simply saying, “I’m miserable. I hate my job, I’ve got too much to do and all I want to do is

10July 2016

The Many Sides of Love

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Love is: Acceptance Becoming Close Compassion Selflessness Understanding Affection Trust Being happy for someone else's accomplishments Being strong Unconditional Empathy Feeling loved and cared for Companionship Sharing Fearlessness Patience Kindness Endurance Commitment Love is also:

26June 2016

Digging It Out

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  Everything is a relationship and everything provides us an opportunity for growth and learning. Even digging out bushes. The other day I was digging out bushes in our front yard and the first bush