Larry Shushansky,

An experienced public speaker, therapist and author, Larry turns theory into practical day to day ideas for attendees in engaging, conversational style presentations.

For more information on how I can help educate your organization’s members and strengthen their relationships, reduce conflict and increase productivity, please reach out to

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“My goal is to help people create the kinds of relationships they want. For this reason, I offer my book for download at no charge.” – Larry

“I have had the chance to read, meet, or attend conferences of many well-known experts focused on relationships. There is a ton of information out there, and most of it is murky at best. Larry Shushansky communicates actionable strategies and behaviors in a direct and simple format. He gives you the tools to work with that you can actually understand which if you are reading this, is everything.”

Peter Taft

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I have held many seminars and speaking engagements over the years, and continue to do so. Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about how my presentations help others empower themselves to build and maintain stronger relationships.

  • ``He is without equal when it comes to identifying REAL issues…He is a rare combination of gifted strategist and artist who makes the approaches to the unapproachable seem a journey worth taking.``
    Steve--Workshop Attendee
  • “It’s not easy speaking to a group of highly successful technology leaders, especially on a “soft” subject like workplace conflict. Larry did an outstanding job in helping us to look at conflict in a totally different way.“
    Co-Chairperson, SIM, Providence Technology Leadership Roundtable
  • ``In many ways, he's transformed his craft by simply making it his own. He provides great insight with both his personal experience and his knowledge of life that he has gathered throughout the years, which is clearly evident in any conversation that is had with him.``
    Anonymous Client

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