An experienced public speaker, therapist and author, Larry turns theory into practical day to day ideas for attendees in engaging, conversational style presentations.


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    “We have been the fortunate beneficiaries of his compassion, wisdom, humor, and experience…It is clear he loves what he does.”

    - Confidential Client

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    “He challenged us to rethink behaviors and habits that were no longer healthy or productive. Thanks to Larry’s help, we have been able to find peace and serenity amid life’s never-ending challenges.”

    Denise - confidential client

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    “Larry is indeed dedicated to his work. The most important conviction, that Larry is guilty of, is his empathy. He is not short of a single drop of compassion. Mr. Larry Shushansky is a phenomenal person.”

    Brian - confidential client

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    “He is without equal when it comes to identifying the REAL issues… He is a rare combination of gifted strategist and artist who makes the approaches to the unapproachable seem a journey worth taking. He does it all with a smile and infectious laugh that almost – almost – conceals the hawk like tenacity in his eyes that miss nothing.”

    – Steve, workshop attendee

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    “Larry Shushansky, (aka “Mythbuster”), is a master technician and magician. He is amazing.”

    – Eileen Kennedy, workshop attendee

  • “Informative. Enlightening. Larry shared great tools to use both personally and professionally.”

    – Lisa Tedeschi, Assistant to the Director of Human Resources

    Needham Public Schools

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    “Larry Shushansky communicates actionable strategies and behaviors in a direct and simple format. He gives you the tools to work with that you can actually understand.”

    – Peter Taft, workshop attendee

  • “It’s not easy speaking to a group of highly successful technology leaders, especially on a “soft” subject like workplace conflict. Larry did an outstanding job in helping us to look at conflict in a totally different way. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to hear him speak!”

    – Phil Carlucci

    Co-Chairperson, SIM, Providence Technology Leadership Roundtable

  • “Larry’s presentation was personalized to my department’s workplace realities and was thought-provoking. His personal examples were entertaining and endearing, keeping the group actively involved and laughing. Larry provided us new perspectives for dealing with conflict, empowering us with tools to know what we can do to grow and become more mature in the face of conflict, rather than feeling like a victim.”

    – Ruth Griffin, Nutrition Services Director

    Needham Public Schools


Research shows the way to sustain longer, healthier, happier lives both personally and at work, is by having longer, healthier, happier relationships.

The basic fundamental truth is that in order for your relationships to work the way you want them to, you have to become Independent Enough to do what you need to do to make them work… regardless of what the other person is doing.


For more information about presentations at your company, school, university, or community group please visit the Speaker Information section of this website or contact Larry directly at

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