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Rhode-Island based therapist, Larry Shushansky, has over thirty years of experience as a counselor and social worker. After graduating with a masters degree in social work in 1980, Larry went on to set up family therapy programs within non-profit and for-profit organizations, direct a residential facility for adolescents, and perform clinical work in hospitals, mental health centers, and family service agencies. For the past 25 years, Larry has delivered therapy in private practice, helping thousands of individuals, couples, and families become happier through his unique insight into relationships of all kinds. In addition to an active public speaking schedule, Larry has shared his Independent Enough approach in The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, Fast Company, The Everyday Power Blog, EverUp, and many others.

Stop Bothering Me

How do you deal with someone who keeps doing something annoying over and over and over and over again? And, you’ve asked them to stop, but they keep doing it. Again and again—until you’re ready to explode!!!! Because in your mind, they’re doing it on purpose to aggravate you or, at the very least, they

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It’s Not You, It’s My Mood

Occasionally, I get what seems like an inordinate amount of pushback from a lot of people all at once. My adult sons and daughter, who respond to my advice with sarcasm and rolled eyes. My wife, who expresses her opinions about what I’m not doing right without hesitation. Extended family members, friends, and colleagues—everyone likes

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Your Thoughts Have Power

I was in that state between waking up and sleeping this morning while I drowsily thought about my son, my granddaughter, and two of my clients. Then, my alarm went off even though I wasn’t ready to get up. Still, I dropped out of bed and put on my sweats, which don’t fit quite right.

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Look at Love Differently

We often think of love as “loving the other person.” I love you because you’re beautiful, talkative, smart, kind, or possess other characteristics that I love. It’s as if I’m loving you for what you do for me. For what I admire. For what I get from you. Then, when I’m not happy with you

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Ready for the Fall

My son is in the middle of replacing our family room’s floor. Last week he had taken up the old floor, so there were only joists for a few days. You could look through the spaces between the joists and see our basement about 12 feet down. I came home one day and found all

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It’s Not Easy

The day after a big snow storm, I woke up to a pain in my left arm that brought tears. I knew I had shoveled a lot the day before, but I didn’t know what I had done to make my arm hurt this bad. I made an appointment with a physical therapist who diagnosed

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It Takes Time and a Team

I bought a phone last year with a backup battery case, but it “freezes” a couple times a day. I have to turn it off, wait a few minutes, and turn it back on to get it to work. I went to the store where I bought it and they told me to download the

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Gimme, Gimme!

There was a husband and wife who argued...a lot. He wanted her to be more affectionate, more giving, and warmer. At one point, all he wanted was simple conversation. She fought against him, saying he was needy, pushy, and that there was too much to do to simply sit and talk. They went into couples

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Where Did the Love Go?

This is a story about a man and woman who initially got along really well. They talked for hours about everything and anything. He felt close to her and she felt close to him. Then, as the relationship went on, he lost interest while she wanted to spend more time together. He was hesitant, thinking,

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Put in the Work—Especially When There’s Conflict

The other day a friend asked me, "How can you walk this earth independently enough to not care what others' opinions are? Or to be free from others' opinions and criticisms of you?" “You can't,” I responded. "But if you don't take things personally,” he tried, “then can't you have that kind of freedom?" "If

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