19September 2018

Stop Bothering Me

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How do you deal with someone who keeps doing something annoying over and over and over and over again? And, you’ve asked them to stop, but they keep doing it. Again and again—until you’re ready

12September 2018

It’s Not You, It’s My Mood

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Occasionally, I get what seems like an inordinate amount of pushback from a lot of people all at once. My adult sons and daughter, who respond to my advice with sarcasm and rolled eyes. My

6September 2018

Your Thoughts Have Power

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I was in that state between waking up and sleeping this morning while I drowsily thought about my son, my granddaughter, and two of my clients. Then, my alarm went off even though I wasn’t

24July 2018

Look at Love Differently

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We often think of love as “loving the other person.” I love you because you’re beautiful, talkative, smart, kind, or possess other characteristics that I love. It’s as if I’m loving you for what you

20June 2018

Ready for the Fall

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My son is in the middle of replacing our family room’s floor. Last week he had taken up the old floor, so there were only joists for a few days. You could look through the

29May 2018

It’s Not Easy

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The day after a big snow storm, I woke up to a pain in my left arm that brought tears. I knew I had shoveled a lot the day before, but I didn’t know what