6December 2017

Security vs. Spontaneity

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We all settle into our relationships after a while. Meaning, we interact with the same people the same way most of the time. Our interactions become standardized. Routine. That's how my wife knows the answer

22November 2017

The Best Relationships Are 80/20

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Most of us think relationships should be 50/50. That is, each person should give and take the “same amount.” They should meet in the middle and they should take turns “getting their way” or “leading”

16November 2017

To Help or Not To Help?

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In our last blog, we talked about a friend of mine in New York City who didn't go "rescue" his wife who had broken down near the Brooklyn Bridge. Response to that blog has been

11October 2017

Trust Me: They Can Handle It

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Recently, I was in New York City. My wife and I were going to the symphony with another couple and we planned to go out to dinner first. My friend’s wife was supposed to meet

28September 2017

Don’t Shy Away from What Your Relationships Are Telling You

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I have a friend who constantly argues about money with his wife. He thinks the conflict is about how his wife spends too much money while he tries to save by bringing his own lunch

10September 2017

Providing Our Own Needs

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When we don’t get what we want in our relationships and we lose ourselves in our own neediness, then to be happy, we have to figure out how we can provide ourselves what we’re not