20June 2018

Ready for the Fall

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My son is in the middle of replacing our family room’s floor. Last week he had taken up the old floor, so there were only joists for a few days. You could look through the

29May 2018

It’s Not Easy

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The day after a big snow storm, I woke up to a pain in my left arm that brought tears. I knew I had shoveled a lot the day before, but I didn’t know what

11April 2018

It Takes Time and a Team

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I bought a phone last year with a backup battery case, but it “freezes” a couple times a day. I have to turn it off, wait a few minutes, and turn it back on to

25March 2018

Gimme, Gimme!

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There was a husband and wife who argued...a lot. He wanted her to be more affectionate, more giving, and warmer. At one point, all he wanted was simple conversation. She fought against him, saying he

4March 2018

Where Did the Love Go?

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This is a story about a man and woman who initially got along really well. They talked for hours about everything and anything. He felt close to her and she felt close to him. Then,

18February 2018

Put in the Work—Especially When There’s Conflict

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The other day a friend asked me, "How can you walk this earth independently enough to not care what others' opinions are? Or to be free from others' opinions and criticisms of you?" “You can't,”