11October 2017

Trust Me: They Can Handle It

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Recently, I was in New York City. My wife and I were going to the symphony with another couple and we planned to go out to dinner first. My friend’s wife was supposed to meet

28September 2017

Don’t Shy Away from What Your Relationships Are Telling You

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I have a friend who constantly argues about money with his wife. He thinks the conflict is about how his wife spends too much money while he tries to save by bringing his own lunch

10September 2017

Providing Our Own Needs

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When we don’t get what we want in our relationships and we lose ourselves in our own neediness, then to be happy, we have to figure out how we can provide ourselves what we’re not

23August 2017

Independent Enough from Ourselves

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All conflict in relationships comes from dependency. Whenever we depend on someone else for our well-being, there’s potential for conflict. That’s not to say that all dependency is bad—because it’s impossible to be in a

9August 2017

Step Four & Five: Re-Engage and Repeat

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A few years ago, a friend of mine and his wife had a baby. I took a step back from worrying about what gift to get them, reflected on how often we joke around, and

2August 2017

Step Three: Decide to Make Changes

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Now that we’ve gotten some psychological distance and done some self-reflection, we’re ready to make a decision about how we want to change (or not change). Keep in mind: The decision must be tied to