It has been one week since the inauguration of Donald Trump. Millions of people around the United States were thrilled that rainy Friday morning. Their mood was elated. Riding high. Being pumped. Positive things were imagined for the new Leader of the Free World. I knowI see a handful of clients who are pro-Trump and pro-just-about-everything-he-stands-for.

But on that same day, there were also millions of people who were dismayed, depressed, and scared. Like the single mom with two young children who is worried about losing her health care if the Affordable Care Act is overturned.

One day after President Trump took his presidential oath, this mom and hundreds of thousands of other moms and women came together for the single largest organized march America has ever seen. Millions of people across the United States and the world came together to stand up for issues they feel are being threatened by the new administrationlike health care, women’s rights, LGBTQ freedoms, and more.

After this historic Women’s March, the same people who were despaired by the inauguration were now elated and empowered. They were riding high, feeling pretty good that their voice had been heard. And, as expected, the millions who were happy the day before became angry because they believed the march was disrespectful and not worthwhile.

Flip, flop, flip, flop. Are you seeing a pattern?

Both “sides” have their moods tied to the winds of this incredible political storm we’ve found ourselves in. While we cheer for our side in “victory,” we become sullen, angry, and discouraged in “defeat.”

It’s important to be passionate about what we believe in and to advocate for what we think is right, but that kind of mindset is completely different from tying our moods and well-being to the political currents that ebb and flow dailymore often: hourly. For our own well-being, we all need to get enough psychological distance from the political squalls that have been created by politicians and others who believe differently than we do.

Of course it’s important to have our voices heard and our concerns addressed, but it is equally important to maintain our well-being. We must stand strong in the commitment that we will be strong in character and stable in our moods no matter what!

While making a commitment to whatever political persuasion you lean towards, make sure you’re also Independent Enough to step back from the storm and decide who you’re going to be, how you’re going to act and, most importantly, how you’re going to maintain your all-important well-being.