What satisfied clients are saying….

Caused so many “ah-ha moments”
-Phil Carlucci, Chief Technology Officer

Informative. Enlightening.
-Lisa Tedeschi, Assistant to the Director of Human Resources

-Ruth Griffin, Nutrition Services Director

Makes the approaches to the unapproachable seem a journey worth taking.
-Steve, workshop attendee

He gives you the tools to work with that you can actually understand.
-Peter Taft, workshop attendee

Speaker Information

0057 2School and University Settings:

In a transparent and relaxed style, each presentation challenges traditional ideas of what makes us happy as human beings. Every talk dispels myth after myth about our relationships with others and within ourselves. The ideas are simple and catch students’ interest and curiosity through stories, presented in a humorous yet insightful way, that is more like a conversation than anything else.

Each presentation aims at empowering students to make meaningful changes that will enable them to get what they want in life. These conversations are an opportunity for each student to learn the process of becoming self-reflective AND develop the characteristics they need to develop to not only have the kind of relationships they want, but to also achieve what they want to achieve in life.

Corporate Settings:

Corporate groups learn how to create the kind of workplace environment that will be most conducive to productivity and satisfaction. Everyone from CEOs to entry-level employees can understand that they have a voice in creating their ideal workplace atmosphere by becoming who they need to be in each situation. The key to reaching this atmosphere and to making changes in the workplace is through self reflection and then developing different ways someone interacts with their peers, their supervisors, their supervisees, their day to day work responsibilities and with themselves.

Community Settings:

By making each presentation more of a conversation than an actual presentation, audiences feel comfortable understanding that their lives become better, not through using their old strategies of working out conflict, ruminating over issues or worrying about others, but by becoming Independent Enough to empower themselves to have the kind of relationships they want.

People will learn how to develop enough psychological distance to create what they want through a process of self-reflection and decision making. The changes that are learned will help them manage their relationships in a healthier way, whether it involves friends, family, colleagues, education, or children.

Venues include, but are not limited to:

– Staff Development Meetings

– To Small and Large Groups

– To Teams within Companies

– At Conferences

– At Schools, Colleges, and Universities

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