There’s been a lot of talk about the first 100 days of the Trump administration. Lots of looking back and evaluating what’s been donegood, bad or indifferent. What would happen if each of us did the same thing? Suppose each and every one of us looked back every 100 days and assessed what we’ve donegood, bad or indifferentin our relationships.

What would we see if we analyzed where our relationships are now and how we contributed to them over the preceding three months? Did we help make our relationships what we wanted? Or did we make them worse? Or stagnant?

If we’re up for doing this, we’d have to be sincere in order to find out what was effective, what worked, what wasn’t so helpful. We’d have to be honest with ourselves about what we did that maybe made things…not so great.

If you’re not sure how to start, try the following prompt. Pick an important relationship and then fill in the blanks:

In my relationship with ______________, I remember when ____________(this can be a situation, an argument, when something positive happened or whatever comes to mind). I remember doing ___________ in reaction to that.

As I look back at this situation, I could have ______________ to make the situation better. I will make a commitment to do that starting today.

Try to be sincere without being judgmental of yourself, and make sure you leave the other person out of your evaluation. Do not be like a politician on either side of the isle, hurling insults and accusations. Remember: This is about becoming who you need to become to have better relationships in your life. It’s not about winning or proving a point.

Look back on your last 100 days and learn from them. Who knows, one day you may be President of the United States or, at least, happier than you are now.